The Fundació was created in 1993 by both artists, Francesc Fornells-Pla and Conxa Sisquella, and was constituted as a trust to their legacy. The Fundació holds more than 5000 works of art as well as a great number of documents, photos and objects, which represent a valuable testimony of the life and career of both artists.

The Fundació is based in La Garriga, in the house where the couple had their atelier and where they spent long periods of time working on their art. Therefore, the Fundació is made up of two ateliers, the place of residence and the garden with Fornells-Pla’s mobile sculptures.



The Fundació Fornells-Pla i Conxa Sisquella is a non-profit private entity founded by the artists Francesc Fornells-Pla and Conxa Sisquella in 1993. The Fundació aims to preserve, study and disseminate the work and legacy of the two artists and founders.

Moreover, the Fundació has also the objective to disseminate and promote culture, especially contemporary art.

The Fundació organises art exhibitions periodically, dedicated to the work of the founders as well as to that of other contemporary artists.

It also organises activities and other cultural events such as artist dialogues, talks, projections, recitals, etc. The Fundació has also the aim to house and promote those cultural proposals which may arise in the area.




The Fundació Fornells-Pla i Conxa Sisquella is governed by a board of trustees, which is composed of different administrations: the Government of Catalonia, the Consell Comarcal del Vallès Oriental and the Town Hall of La Garriga, with a representative from each administration and two from the Town Hall. Moreover, there are different individual trustees appointed by the trust, who are in charge of the daily management of the Fundació.